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About Us

Our Mission
To promote the welfare of abandoned elderly and special needs cats by finding homes either through adoption or our senior to senior foster program.  

How We Began

Bunny Hofberg, the founder of Frankie's Feline Fund, has owned cats for over 30 years.  In 2005 she became a volunteer at the ASPCA specializing in cat socialization and adoptions.  She is also an active volunteer with JASA, Jewish Association for Service for the Aged's Pets Project.  It was through the work she did for both of these organizations that she fell in love with older cats.  They are the forgotten.  Two years ago a fellow ASPCA volunteer got an email about two cats that were abandoned in an upper eastside apt.  The owner had died and no one in the family wanted anything to do with the cats.  Neighbors in the building took the cats in and tried to find them homes.  We went over and that was the beginning.  One of our friends took the boy, Sidney, around 16 to 18 years old.  Sidney went to Brooklyn and never looked back.  Then the calls kept coming.  An owner died.  New baby so the cat needed a new home.  FIV+ cat was  to be put down and needed a home.  Somehow we found all of them great homes.  

Who Is Frankie?  
All of Bunny's cats are rescues, but Frankie was special.  Of all the cats he was the first with an actual euthanasia date.  When Bunny adopted him, Frankie was an eight year old cat and diabetic.  As a kitten he was adopted from the city shelter, and at seven he was surrendered.  It was discovered after he was adopted as an adult that he was diabetic.  A plea went out to save his life and Bunny answered.  8 months later she heard about another young cat that was diabetic and about to be euthanized.  She took him in too and welcomed Johnny into her home. Frankie passed away in 2011, but his legacy - the legacy of all the love and joy a senior or special needs cat can give - lives on in the fund dedicated to his name.  

Special Thanks 
A big debt of gratitude goes out to Dr. Peter Soboroff and the New York Cat Hospital on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  None of this would have been done without their expertise, and most of all, their compassion.  I'm not sure you could find a more dedicated staff helping save the lives of stray and abandoned cats.  Some of the cats that were brought in from the city shelter were near death and are now living healthy and happy lives thanks to them.

Donations gratefully accepted.  We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.
Please see our "How to Help" page.

We are also a New Hope Partner with Animal Care & Control and an Alliance Participating Organization with the Mayor's Alliance for New York City's Animals.

If you need any information that you can't find on our site, please call
Bunny Hofberg at 917-514-0228
or email us at

Thanks for visiting our site.

-Bunny Hofberg and the senior cats of of Frankie's Fund

The generous 2015 grant from Maddie's Fund has helped us to save more lives. A huge thank you to Maddie's Fund! Read More.
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