Your new, furry family member deserves a good and comfortable home, where they can be safe, healthy and happy. In this post, we give tips on how to make sure your home is ready for your adoptee cat.

How to make your environment suitable for cats

  • Cats can be afraid of noises or objects. It’s good to give your cat lots of hiding places, where him or her can escape to.
  • When your cat is first settling in, there are enough exciting corners and boxes to explore. Many cats love cardboard boxes and paper bags to play in. Sometimes your cats may need cat beds, toys and hiding places, so they can get away from other cats or disturbance, when ever they want to. Cats love to play and get bored easily, if they don’t have anything to do.
  • You should make sure that your cat has lots of space to exercise, play and climb. Indoor cats love shelves that they can run up and down on. You can add a layer scratching post fabric on the shelves for better grip. Cats also love jumping and watching the world go by from high up.
  • Just like us humans, cats don’t enjoy living in cold or wet places either. Your cat should have a dry, draught-free, clean and quiet place to rest in.
  • Cats use the toilet quite often. Make sure that your cat has regular access to a suitable cat litter tray. The tray should be cleaned a 2-4 times a day and be kept away from the eating and sleeping areas.
  • Check your indoor plants – not all are suitable for pets to chew on and some varieties can even seriously injure your cat.
  • Do you need to take your cat along in a carrier? This can be a scary experience for your kitty but it helps a little, if you put familiar-smelling toys and fabrics inside the carrier.
  • Your new adopted cat will need some time to settle in to the new forever-home. At first, they may attempt to return to their old house. This is why you should keep your cat inside the house for a minimum of two weeks after the cat has been brought to the new home. Your cat needs to be fully settled, before you can let it wander outside.